Agent 327: Operation Barbershop

Agent 327: Operation Barbershop

Director: Hjalti Hjalmarsson, Colin Levy

Country: Netherlands

Duration: 03:51

Synopsis: Agent 327 is investigating a clue that leads him to a barbershop in Amsterdam. Little he knows that he is being tailed by mercenary Boris Kloris…

Audience review: Seemingly taken from an action movie, Agent 327 is a mesh of frames that are typical to the movie genre it best fits into; (slow motion); to the attention given to the clues that build up tension for the story, the soundtrack which doubles the effect of the scenes, all overlapping into an animation built to emphasize on the traits of its characters. Then there is the addition of the detailed fight scenes, the movements which are carefully directed and the improvised weapons, which all lead to the best dramatic effect.

by Andra Daniliuc